Do You Know There Are Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Your Food That Are Killing You?

If you're not reading labels and trying to avoid these dangerous ingredients, you are RISKING YOUR HEALTH

Arm Yourself with vitally important facts about how you can protect yourself from the cancer-causing, hormone disrupting and other dangerous chemical additives in the food you eat every day.

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  • protect yourself from hidden cancer-causing contaminants in your meats, packaged and canned food products, beverages and even liquid nutritional supplements.
  • shield your family from hidden, neurotoxic ingredients in your food that kill your brain cells. NOTE: They're sometimes even found in organic packaged foods
  • safeguard yourself from the killer chemical in diet products that can cause 92 different symptoms and even mimic diseases like MS and Parkinsons.
  • make certain the food you eat does not contain these toxic ingredients that promote kidney stones, depress your thyroid, weaken your immune system and wreak havoc with your hormones.
  • avoid this food additive that's in almost all processed foods and is making you and your kids fat and putting you on the road to diabetes and other diseases. 
P.S. ACT NOW! Your health is at stake. Protect yourself and your family today.

Christine H. Farlow, D.C., "The Ingredients Investigator", P.O. Box 462335, Escondido, CA 92046